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Get flexible, high-quality accommodation options in one of Canada’s up-and-coming destinations – the historical City of Cornwall!

Cornwall is uniquely situated as it converges with the Ontario, Quebec, and New York borders. This makes it an ideal location for tourists and business people alike, offering everything from advanced transportation services to stunning scenery and exciting activities for the entire family. All our guest houses are kept in pristine condition and are conveniently located for you to get the most out of Cornwall and the surrounding areas. Offering premier property management services in Cornwall, we cater to both owners and guests for the most comfortable and varied accommodation around.

Explore East Ontario!

You certainly won’t regret stopping over in Cornwall. This vibrant city is booming with high-end restaurants, special tourist events and festivals, as well as an endless range of unique shopping experiences and cultural sites. Enjoy the outdoors while on your business trip and make new connections at our numerous corporate conferences.

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Unforgettable Experiences

Not only do we offer beautiful outdoor trails and an impressive waterfront, but you can also become part of our local community by joining all the unique festivals and farmer’s markets that make this place truly special. You can even explore Cornwall online to discover the sites you really want to visit!

Completely Flexible Accommodation

We go out of our way to provide you with every accommodation option you can imagine. Whether you’re interested in travel, remote work, a place to stay during your renovations, or even a temporary guest house while you’re moving – we have the facilities and the prices you need as the premium Airbnb accommodation in Cornwall.

Comfort & Class All In One

Not only will you experience premium flexible accommodation services in Cornwall, but you’ll also appreciate the culture and diversity that the city is known for! This active hub offers the best of everything – food, entertainment, shopping, and outdoor activities. As a city, we make it a priority to spoil and impress tourists and businesspeople alike.


"Our stay was amazing. Thank you Ashna"
Lynda B